Hurricane Preparedness for the Accessible and Functional Needs Community

Hurricane Preparedness for the Accessible and Functional Needs Community

What you need to know: Hurricane Harvey

  • Hurricane Harvey is predicted to make landfall near Corpus Christi and Rockport as a Cat 3
  • Catastrophic flooding and surge will be expected
  • After coming inland, Hurricane Harvey is predicted to loop and travel up the coast towards Houston/Galveston area by Sunday night
  • This is a prolong flooding event with rain totals between 15 and 25 inches and in some isolated areas 30+ inches. This could go on from Friday to Wednesday
  • It is imperative that you monitor the weather and have your emergency plans in place
  • Voluntary evacuations have been ordered for Bolivar/West end of Galveston/Dickinson/Nassau Bay/Seabrook/Tiki Island/Freddieville/Old Bayou Vista/La Marque/Highland Bayou/Jamaica Beach/San Leon/Bacliff

If you are a person who is electricity dependent and live in a flood zone, it’s recommended to evacuate from the coastal areas and seek either a shelter or stay with friends or family.

If you stay in your home you need:

  • Food and water for 7 days
  • Medicine/syringes/catheters/any other essentials medical need
  • Important papers and other essentials in a water proof bag
  • Make sure family members or friends know how to contact you
  • Text instead of call on your phone to save battery
  • Make sure your devices are powered up
  • Get cash from ATM

Galveston County Shelter Information: Abundant Life 601 Delaney La Marque, Tx 77569

If you evacuate please take the following:

  • All medicines and medical supplies you will need. Make sure you label your prescriptions in a ziplock bag. You don’t want to mix up your medication with other family members
  • A caretaker of family member may go with you to the shelter
  • Your service animal is counted as a person and cannot be taken from you
  • Texas is a pet friendly state but your pet must be crated
  • Clothes
  • Toys or other comfort items for your children
  • I.D. and other essential important papers