Hurricane Preparedness Week Proclamation


Hurricanes are powerful and destructive forces that pose a serious threat to the lives and property of Texas citizens. The Texas coastline and inland communities are at a greater risk of hurricanes during a six month period that runs from June through November. As a result, we must remain vigilant during hurricane season and stay aware of the potential for severe weather that can accompany tropical systems.

While Texas has experienced several other major disasters in recent years, this September will mark the 50 year anniversary of Hurricane Beulah striking the Rio Grande Valley and claiming 58 lives. I caution citizens not to become complacent. When hurricanes do occur, they can produce heavy winds, storm surges, torrential rains, inland flooding and tornadoes. It is important that all Texans, particularly Gulf Coast residents, be aware of the hazards hurricanes present.

The population of our coastal communities continues to grow. Many residents have never experienced the direct impact of a major hurricane and may be unfamiliar with the need for planning and preparation . Texans should understand the difference between a hurricane watch and hurricane warning. Families should develop, review and practice their emergency preparedness plans. Each plan should include a communications plan, pet plan and designated evacuation routes. Additionally, a “readiness kit” of important supplies should be assembled and should include a NOAA weather radio, a three-day supply of non­ perishable food and water for each person, a first aid kit, medications, flashlights and extra batteries.

At this time, I encourage all Texans to remain mindful of the dangers presented by hurricanes, to stay informed about current threats and to take steps toward preparedness. Together, we are ready!

Therefore, I, Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, do hereby proclaim May 7-13,2017, to be Hurricane Preparedness Week.